There is a wide array of choices for the qualified fitness trainer and career options are also limitless. In the business of health and wellness, there are numerous opportunities for the right person and if you love setting goals and achieving them, then this is where you should be. The fitness industry is experiencing a boom you can chip in with ideas and hands-on guidance for people to teach them how to stay fit and healthy.

Collaborative effort with clients

People always want experts to guide them and they always look for certified fitness trainers.  As a health and wellness coach, your focus area will be only on exercise and you would be working closely with clients and invigorating them to inch ahead toward their goals.

Your primary aim would be to remove any obstacles that stand in the way and speed up their journey to success. As you would be coming up with ideas, clients will also suggest theirs to make it a sort of collaborative effort.

Your guidance as a wellness coach would be on nutrition, fitness, weight management, reduction of stress, management of health risks and removing barriers that stand in the way of achieving their goals.

Many clients who come to gyms and health spas give up as they cannot continue with the rigorous ordeal. It is you who would be encouraging them to exercise more and push further so that they do not give up. You will also have to assess each client on his or her own terms and suggest suitable methods to achieve their goals.

You have loads of flexibility as you can advise in person, over phone, fax, email and work in different areas with a large number of people. There are lots of work opportunities at spas, health centers, cruise ships, hospitals, corporate, dieticians and other health professionals. You can also branch out on your own and start your own website, write blogs, articles and also offer online guidance in the form of videos and tutorials.

Good income

Income is good and you can make $100 to $200 per session and with more experience, you can easily earn more. By helping others reach their goals and providing them valuable inputs based on your own experience, you can find the career pretty rewarding. You know that you can make them feel good and healthy with your step by step guidance learnt at a professional fitness training center.

There are degree colleges as well as fitness institutes all over the US that offer certification for fitness trainers. Armed with a degree you have a wide array of employment opportunities for you. There are loads of online resources to find the right school where you can build a career in fitness training. To become a lifestyle and weight management consultant, you would have to get an ACE certification for personal trainer, group fitness instructor and a clinical exercise specialist.

Among the most popular career choices is that of a group fitness instructor that allows you to have lots of flexibility. Your income would depend on how many classes you teach and the options can range from aerobics, kickboxing, strength training, Pilates, yoga, water aerobics and much more depending upon your area of interest and special expertise.

And career options do not stop at that as you can also be an athletic trainer, a sports coach, a bio mechanist, exercise physiologist, dietician, physical therapist or a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist. You can get a fully fledged degree or a certification, but there would always be job opportunities for you at all levels as a fitness trainer.